Medellin-based Publicize hosts Miami event for startups to pitch the media

By March 18, 2019

On Wednesday, March 20th, startups and entrepreneurs will have a unique opportunity to network with distinguished members of the media during a Publicize Connect Event in Miami. The event, which is free admission, will follow the format of a pitch competition, allowing for each of the participating entrepreneurs to pitch their startup to a panel of media judges and then receive feedback. At the time of publishing, registration for the event is still open.

Publicize Connect Miami will be the fourth in a series of Publicize Connect events held this year—the first three were held in Bogota, Medellin, and Mexico City respectively. Publicize, which is based out of Medellin, is excited to offer the opportunity to receive media training and consultation to the U.S. startup market in Miami.

“If you go to a typical startup conference with 2,000 people, in many cases there is only one or two journalists in the room. The goal with Publicize Connect is to reverse that scenario and provide entrepreneurs and journalists with the opportunity to network with each other and among themselves,” said Conrad Egusa, CEO of Publicize and ESPACIO Media Incubator.

Thus far, the panel of judges for Publicize Connect Miami will include editors, journalists, and contributors from media outlets such as The Miami Herald, The New Tropic, The Next Web, and ESPACIO’s Latin America Reports. Prior to the event, which will be held in Miami’s premier coworking space for growing tech companiesBuilding. Co, six startups will be selected to present in front of the panel of judges.

As the startup market ecosystem continues to get cluttered, Publicize Connect events take a more personal approach to the press release by connecting faces with names. For startups looking to pitch in Miami, they may write to [email protected].

Disclosure: Latin America Reports and Publicize share the same parent company, ESPACIO.